Journal Entry [R29]

Verbatim excerpt from personal journal, real date is different, and opinions expressed aren’t a religion:

Calm and relaxed I feel, content it seems. ahh if only I can tap into this at will, ha the oxymoron, the sheer contraction that is [my] human life. I finally understand something about insanity. insanity is not wasting time explaining to those who are too slow. to be insane is to allow a free flow of thought only fruitful if left unpicked. insanity is the pinnacle of individualism. no two insanes are the same, thus the sanes alone can be more effective together. free thought comes in bursts, but the bursts know no rules except for one. stop it and you’ll have to start a new. don’t waste time on corollaries, those are for pondering, and pondering is restricted. at the start of each burst a graph is constructed and at the end it’s forever destroyed, “it’s insane” they say, since you use references you late lose, but don’t entertain those who seek to keep what free flow is okay with throwing away.