Ahmed Alsharif

Who are you?

That’s a tough question to ask, we’ll both need to invest much more than a paragraph to explore this one. We’ll have to delegate this to a coffee..

What do you do?

It depends on the day really, but not to be too rude I’ll list a few in some random order (rolled a dice). I play music, dance, read, listen, program, and break down gadgets with the sometimes unfulfilled promise of putting them back up.

Why bother??

My reasons for this are as concrete as a rubber wall, and change as often as I drink coffee.

Where is this going?

I don’t know, how much time do you have? We’ll have to address this one over coffee as well.


It depends on when you ask really. When to ask when might be a more suitable question here.

Will’ya stop with this?

Probably not. But let me tell you another story. See the black bird with the red eye on the top? I found that on the internet, it said it was for free, so I took it and gave it an eye. I personally think the eye was a missing feature, but the original artist might beg to differ.

Would you please introduce more colors to this website?

I can’t do colors.